Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Teen Read Week 2015

As one of my favorite celebrations, Teen Read Week is always at the top of the list in promoting literacy with both faculty and students. The American Library Association and yalsa has done an excellent job as far as providing ready-made ideas and promotional items.

This year we will again participate in the Book Cover Selfies and Kahoot Day.  My student aides will provide a cart of books that may be used for the selfie campaign and the pictures will be added to our library Instagram account. A Google document was started and shared for Kahoot questions.  Students will market and facilitate Kahoot Day during lunch.

I challenge everyone to participate in Teen Read Week activities and share your programs and successes!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Fall Into Library Marketing

Marketing is the key to any successful library program so why not encourage your students to take a role in the process?  It has taken me a few years to learn to step back but and let the crucial student voice be heard.  I no longer refer to them as student aides to the rest of the school but I now introduce them as library staff members.  It's interesting how terminology can change one's frame of mind.  We have set our four goals as a district but my staff (me and the student library aides) and I try to integrate them into our school library programming.  Here are some cool collaborative marketing tools and displays designed for our Fall campaign via student voice.

In order to promote literacy in a variety of formats we will try and incorporate the promotion of our eContent whenever possible.  This was done in canva, printed out as a jpeg, framed, and placed on numerous counter tops.  My plans are to show students canva so they may make their own designs for their ePortfolios or blogs.

We took this project one step further and uploaded the jpeg into thinglink and added book trailers.  When classes came into the library to check out books we promoted our eBook via book trailers for this project.  It turned out to be a very successful James Dasher day with every item written by this author checked out!

The easiest type of display is to group some books, design a title, and give it some recognition. This was perfect for the American Chillers and Darren Shan books for this time of year.

We also have most of Darren Shan's books in eBooks so not only were we promoting this collection but also eContent use.

We bought these frames from Ikea and use them for almost every occasion. We save the wording so that they may be used for another year.  This makes it easier to concentrate on designing new flyers instead of redesigning the entire library for every season.
Of course the outside displays are very important. Is it welcoming?  Does it say, "Come in!"Although ours is very small, we try to be creative with colors, book promotion, and appealing design.

We can't forget the awesome posters that can be purchased.  We use large plexiglass poster holders to display since we are limited with wall and bulletin board space.

When I stepped away from the book display and leftover October items this is what my students designed.  They are creative with the few resources but they also take ownership of restocking the books and making sure the pumpkin is illuminated each day.

I would have to conclude that fall is one of my favorite time of year and I try and use display items that will take us through to Thanksgiving.  Scarecrows, colorful leaves, and catchy slogans help.  I take out the Halloween pumpkins and insert turkeys and Thanksgiving posters for November.  The same is done in December with snowflakes, snowmen, and penguins.  With some modifications much of it can stay up for January.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

How's Your Welcome Mat?

I was inspired by a question on our latest #TXLChat about how welcoming the library is for those looking in.  It made me take a look at our library entrances and I asked myself, "Would I want to enter this library?"  That being said, I challenge everyone to do the same.  Does your library scream, "Come in!"  If not, what can you do as an advocate to get more faculty and students to open the library doors?   So go ahead and enter the library and critique its friendliness or better yet ask your students what can be changed to make the library entrance more inviting.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Infographics and Social Media

Here's two of my favorite topics for the library that I thought I would share with my PLN.  I presented both topics this summer in  professional development for other educators.  

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Infographics Presentation

As I'm contemplating goals for the 2015-2016 school year I am excited to include the use of infographics on my list.  After presenting this topic with my dear friend Naomi Bates, I am finding a new passion for a not so new concept.  My best advice to others is to try one new concept a year and build on a foundation from one year to the next.  Here's our presentation.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

ThingLink Summer Teacher Challenge - Join In!

Last summer I participated in the Summer ThingLink Teacher Challenge and it changed my approach in presenting, curating, teaching, and even my PLN (Personal Learning Network).  I am very excited to share with everyone that the amazing Susan Oxnevad is offering a 2nd ThingLink Teacher Challenge this summer.  It may be the best virtual professional development of the summer.

Here's an introduction and schedule from the ThingLink blog.

About the ThingLink Summer Teacher Challenge

The ThingLink Summer Teacher Challenge is a free, self-paced, online professional development opportunity designed to help teachers explore the powerful possibilities of using ThingLink for teaching and learning. This 5 week challenge invites teachers to have fun learning to use interactive images, slideshow channels and interactive video to power up your pedagogy and redefine learning in the classroom.
Throughout the challenge, we will use the ThingLink flexible suite of interactive tools for schools to create media rich, customized resources for use in your classroom. The weekly challenge activities are designed to be beneficial to educators who are new to ThingLink and also to experienced users. We will explore all the flexible features of ThingLink and discover the tremendous potential for using this amazing tool. Here are 3 reasons to take the ThingLink Summer Teacher Challenge.

ThingLink Summer Teacher Challenge at a Glance

  • Week 1: Design Your Digital SelfGet started with ThingLink, a very useful activity to get you and your students started
  • Week 2: Curate Incredible ContentDiscover, collect, reuse and remix the work of others.
  • Week 3: Explore ThingLink UnPluggedExplore learning on the go with a mobile device without wireless access.
  • Week 4:  Design an Interactive Collaborative Student Project Learn to combine ThingLink with the power of Google Docs to create engaging learning experiences.
  • Week 5: Flip It with ThingLink for VideoLearn to create interactive video and include it in a slideshow channel.
Week 1 will begin on June 28th. Entries will be accepted until mid August.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Top 10 Book List 2014-2015

It's our Top 10 List and Legend by Marie Lu has been our #1 book for 3 years in a row.  Could it possibly be the awesome Skype session we had with Marie last October?  Maybe but it's the first year that we haven't seen any books by Stephanie Meyers.  I'm really excited to see The Testing as our #2 book on the list.  The Maze Runner actually won the vote during our March Madness program. I designed the original poster in canva and will print it out for a library display.  I can't wait to see what awesome YA books make it on our next Top 10 list next year. I must thank my student aides for sharing a Google document with me and finding all the book trailers.

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