Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Charles and Emma : The Darwins' Leap of Faith by Deborah Heiligman

As the story begins Charles, who is afraid that marriage would take him away from his scientific work, after much thought decides to marry his first cousin Emma Wedgwood. Through letters and quotes the tale of the wonderful life and marriage of the Darwin’s in Victorian England emerges. In Emma, Charles found true happiness with a friend, a lover, caretaker, editor, and nurturing mother to his children.

Emma and Charles were blessed with the birth of ten children throughout their marriage but they were also plagued with tragedies and problems. Emma, who was a devout religious person, worried about Charles’s doubts about God. Seven of their ten children survived but Charles was torn with the death of three of his children. Charles was a dedicated scientist with doubts but not an atheist. Emma worried about her dear Charles in the afterlife.

This captivating biography tells us how dedicated Charles was to his family as well as his love of science. Reference to the letters gives the reader a glimpse into the private life of a very famous scientist. This is an excllent cross curriclar read for History, English or Science classes. The novel is filled with life in the Victoria era, Science through the eyes of Charles Darwin, love and family life among many other topics. Those readers interested in narrative nonfiction will enjoy this book immensely.

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