Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Few Summer Tips for a School Librarian

The new school year is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about getting back into your regular work routine. Listed are some tips for a school librarian as your vacation comes to a conclusion.

1. Start browsing through your reader, think about your blog, add a few good tweets to twitter, update your Shelfari account and at least make sure you have the correct logins to all other accounts.

2. Clean your house, cook and freeze some meals, mow the yard and work in the garden. This way when you come home from school exhausted those first few days, you won’t be concerned with domestic chores.

3. Have a ME day. Make an appointment at the spa, get your nails done, play a round of golf or shop til you drop. Just take some TLC time for yourself before the school year starts.

4. Get rid of last year’s baggage. Last year is behind you so get over it and proceed on with the new school year.

5. Return from your trips at least 2-3 days before the school year starts. This will give you a few days to relax and get ready for the adventures of a new year.

6. Pull out your positive attitude and smile. If you have put the positive vibes and attitude away for the summer get it out and practice smiling and enjoying life a few weeks before school starts.

7. Start an exercise program. Take a walk, ride a bike, jog, join a water aerobics class or get involved with an activity that gets your heart rate up. Begin with a simple plan and incorporate it into your daily schedule.

8. Start getting up at your regular work time at least a week before school starts. This way getting back into your routine won’t be such a shock to your body.

9. Start something new. Look into starting a new home project such as a home recycling program, a family blog, plant an herbal garden or any other innovative venture. This might inspire you to begin new and exciting undertakings at school in the coming year.

10. If you hate your job, dislike the students, are annoyed by the faculty and despise your administration do everyone a favor and resign!

11. Remember a happy healthy librarian is essential for a positive productive school library program.

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