Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Have you thought about using Wordle as an assessment tool in your classroom? Wordle is a free web word cloud that can be used as a means of summarizing the content of an essay, a presentation, or any other type of student assignment. For example, the Wordle to the left is from this blog. This provides a very useful and interesting means of letting people know of the content of this blog. Notice the words library, science, fiction, books, and favorite are emphasized in this Wordle. Uses for Wordle in the classroom are unlimited and can include:
Capturing key points
Making revisions
Vocabulary introduction

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fill the Bucket of Others

When I first moved to South Carolina, I had the privilege of working in Spartanburg County School District #3 with Ann T. White. I knew from the moment I met Ann that she was both an unusual and very special educator. I loved to hear her share her stories and was not surprised when she began her own business as an inspirational speaker upon her retirement from education. I never tired of her speech on the Twelve Commandments for People Who Worked With People. As the school year approaches I encourage many librarians to try her commandment #11 “Fill the Bucket of Others”. Step out of the library as the students and teachers enter the building for a new year and fill their buckets. Unfortunately Ann passed from cancer a few years back but her legacy lives on in many of us who practice her philosophies of being a good person and educator.

Picture and more information on Ann T. White can be found at http://www.twelvecommandments.com/

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tips and Tricks in the Library for a New School Year

It’s a fresh new year and what better way than to start off with some positive suggestions. Take some time to plan and think through the year rather than blindly taking one day at a time.

1. Collaboration: The success of the library program depends on collaboration. Expand your existing collaborative relationships and concentrate on new collaborative projects.

2. Communication: Think of a variety of ways to communicate and promote the library. Design an online monthly newsletter, use the school’s news program, jazz up the displays and get creative with the communication process.

3. Evaluate last year and make a list of both successes and tribulations. Make modifications to programs that enhance the school’s community, drop the the unsuccessful projects and add at least one new and innovative program to the library calendar.

4. Sustainability: How can you eliminate waste in your library program? Think about developing an online calendar or schedule, keep your website up-to-date with pertinent information, and introduce your programming to the virtual world and take advantage of open source software.

5. PLN: Weed out your Professional Learning Network deleting stagnate areas and possibly adding new helpful resources.

6. Professional Development: Look at diverse PD opportunities. Take advantage of free webinars, virtual cafes and other options available.

Sit back, relax and have fun in the new school year!
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