Friday, August 13, 2010

Fill the Bucket of Others

When I first moved to South Carolina, I had the privilege of working in Spartanburg County School District #3 with Ann T. White. I knew from the moment I met Ann that she was both an unusual and very special educator. I loved to hear her share her stories and was not surprised when she began her own business as an inspirational speaker upon her retirement from education. I never tired of her speech on the Twelve Commandments for People Who Worked With People. As the school year approaches I encourage many librarians to try her commandment #11 “Fill the Bucket of Others”. Step out of the library as the students and teachers enter the building for a new year and fill their buckets. Unfortunately Ann passed from cancer a few years back but her legacy lives on in many of us who practice her philosophies of being a good person and educator.

Picture and more information on Ann T. White can be found at

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