Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Birth of Another Student Library Club!

I worked in one of the largest high schools in South Carolina for 14 years before my husband announced that we were moving to the Dallas area. As a reluctant mover, I first thought of my life, the students and teachers that I would leave behind. The Library Club had grown from a few students to a large dynamic group that LOVED to spend time in the library. Hugs were given to all, tears were shed by many and some students asked to be my friend on facebook. I quickly accepted a position in Dallas at an incredible private school and found yet another group of students congregating around me and the library. Because of distance and commuting time I took my 3rd library position in three years. After a month I again am convinced that this small school of 400 students is in need of a student library club. I like the name Library Advisory Crew and I call them The Crew for short. These students want to belong to a group and help. I have my hands full juggling the eagerness of many middle school students wanting to help during lunch or study hall but what a great opportunity for me to work on leadership skills, volunteerism and research skills. We have the birth of yet another student library club!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Meet and Greet the Librarian

As the new librarian in a small Middle School, I felt the need to invite all 4 English teachers and their classes into the library for a meet and greet session. I did call it Library Orientation but I really wanted to introduce myself and have some fun with the 400 students in our school. After spending the last 14 years as the single librarian in a high school of about 2,500 students I found this so refreshing and exhilarating. I was used to 90 minute blocks so planning a 30 minute quick presentation highlighting my introduction, some library policies and showing the Oconee Middle School Teacher Tube video sounded perfect. I started with a short prezi with some family pictures and a quick background of my professional progression. I than showed the Gotta Keep Reading video and was overwhelmed with the students’ positive reactions. They asked great questions, loved the pictures of our family dogs and wanted to make a school video by the end of the period. One young man came up to me when the bell rang and said, “You are a really good teacher.” I was thrilled to know that after 31 years I can still connect with the students. I cannot imagine being in any other profession than working with our young adults and getting them enthused about reading. Life is good.
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