Saturday, September 11, 2010

Meet and Greet the Librarian

As the new librarian in a small Middle School, I felt the need to invite all 4 English teachers and their classes into the library for a meet and greet session. I did call it Library Orientation but I really wanted to introduce myself and have some fun with the 400 students in our school. After spending the last 14 years as the single librarian in a high school of about 2,500 students I found this so refreshing and exhilarating. I was used to 90 minute blocks so planning a 30 minute quick presentation highlighting my introduction, some library policies and showing the Oconee Middle School Teacher Tube video sounded perfect. I started with a short prezi with some family pictures and a quick background of my professional progression. I than showed the Gotta Keep Reading video and was overwhelmed with the students’ positive reactions. They asked great questions, loved the pictures of our family dogs and wanted to make a school video by the end of the period. One young man came up to me when the bell rang and said, “You are a really good teacher.” I was thrilled to know that after 31 years I can still connect with the students. I cannot imagine being in any other profession than working with our young adults and getting them enthused about reading. Life is good.

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