Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Big Summer Read @ Pike

Instead of posting after our summer reading program was complete, I thought it might be interesting to post during the process with the possibility of receiving creative feedback. After designing an infographic with ideas for librarians to stay connected with their students during the summer, I realized I needed a promotional reading program to encourage our students to read  over their months of leisure.  Here's a basic framework of the beginnings of The Big Summer Read @ Pike.

  1. I gathered a summer reading committee that consistsed of cross curricular subject areas, parents, and students.  I need to ask parents and students more often since both were thrilled to be included.
  2. So far the committee has designed a basic flyer that will be made into posters, produced Google forms, and is ready to print off bookmarks.
  3. Classes have been scheduled during the last two weeks of school to demonstrate the use of our school's digital and audio eBooks.  
  4. We have plans to Skype and tweet with incoming students in three schools to promote the summer reading program.  Our leadership class will also verbally promote the program when they visit the incoming students at their schools.
  5. Information will be on the school marquee out front and the scrolling TV in the entrance.  Facebook and Twitter will used through the entire program.
Basic plan:
  1. Using a Google form on our website and social media, we will ask for titles from our learning community to share for reading suggestions during the summer. The titles will be promoted through a board on our school's Pinterest account.  We will give credit to students, parents, and faculty making the suggestion.  
  2. Students will be invited to enter books that they have read during the summer into a Google form that is accessible through the school's website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.  
  3. For every book submitted the student's name will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a prize at the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year.
  4. Social media will be used during the summer to highlight entries or statistical data from the Google form. Teachers are being asked to share creative pictures of themselves reading while on vacation. The pictures will be shared on the school's social media sites.  
  5. In an assembly T the beginning of the school year, names will be draw/selected for prizes from summer reading entries.  Faculty reading pictures will be presented in a video and our school will "kick-off" the 25 Book Challenge campaign for the 2013-2014 school.  
Our committee has included our learning community, we will keep interest going through social media, and we hope to encourage our students to read all summer long. Stay tuned for more information as our summer reading program progresses.  

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