Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tips for eBook Promotion

When I embarked on the quest of promoting the 105 eBooks in our collection I never expected such an enthusiastic response from our students.  It's one thing to get the momentum started but it's a whole other strategy to maintain student engagement. The following methodologies helped ensure the continuos increase in circulation of our eBooks.

  1. Collaborate with your entire staff.  
  2. Demonstrate the check-out process during a faculty meeting.
  3. Ask teachers to bring classes to the library and demonstrate the process to all students.  
  4. Allow the library to be "device friendly."  Give it a name such as "Device Petting Zoo Day."  Do not fear what the students might be accessing but teach digital citizenship.  
  5. Train your student aides or volunteers to be the eBook experts. Give them a title.  When I get an eBook question I verbally request for an eBook expert to the circulation desk please.  Most times my students or volunteers eagerly step in to help.  Surprisingly other students will step in as an expert.  This indicates many students want to help other students so let them!
  6. Share the circulation statistic through methods such as discussing in leadership meetings, including in library newsletters, add to your weekly emails, post on Facebook, tweet and use pertinent hash tags for your district, talk about eBooks with every class that visits the library, and include advertisements on the school program or school announcements.  
  7. Share in mini celebrations.  I brought in donuts for teachers when we achieved eBook circulation hurdles in multiples of 100.  
  8. Start reading your reviews and adding to your eBook collection. Make a production when eBooks arrive with many of the suggestions from above. 
  9. Include eBooks titles when booktalking.
  10. Include stickers on your books that indicate this title is also available in eBook format.  
  11. Have a refresher eBook lesson with all students right before summer vacation.  
  12. Make yourself available via email for eBook questions on weekends and holidays. 
  13. Stay enthusiastic and tell everyone about your eBook success.
  14.  Don't be surprised if your superintendent walks into your library with a device in his/her hand and asks for an eBook lesson. It just means your programming and enthusiasm is working. 

I have added audio eBooks to our FollettShelf for our students to access throughout the summer. Our school will launch an awesome summer reading program and hopefully watch our eBooks continue to be circulated during the long hot summer months. We are approaching 1,000 eBook transactions since December, 2012. Stay tuned for more tips and successes for promoting your eBook collection.

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