Friday, May 24, 2013

Update on The BIG Summer Read @ Pike!

This is a continutation from prior posts on our summer reading program.  You may view the full reading progam at the following links.
Part 1 Summer Reading
Part 2 Summer Reading 

My ultimate objective in this program is to blend the services of our public library, give students access to our school's eBook collection, and encourage the use of local book stores to provide reading material for student summer reading.  We live in an area that's a cross between a suburban and rural community.  

Part 3 Summer Reading

Day 1 - 6th graders were invited into the library and were introduced to The BIG Summer Read @ Pike.  Although I had some technical equipment difficulties with the first group I was able to demonstrate the summer usage of our digital and audio eBooks. After some slight modifications the remainder demonstrations ran smoothly.  By the end of the day 20 eBooks had been checked out.  An interesting question from a student that made me pause was, "Is this all free?" 

Day 2 - Many students have signed the Summer Reading pledge via the school library website.  There was a constant flow of students entering the library with devices asking eBook access questions.  A teacher suggested that I design a screencast demonstrating our eBook checkout process for the afternoon school announcements.  I received an awesome email from an ELA teacher stating she was hooked on eBooks.  

Day 3 - I made a screencast on how to check out eBooks for afternoon announcements.

Day 4 - 6th graders used Skype and Twitter to answer questions of incoming 5th graders.  One of the tweets, "Summer reading not all that difficult."  I'm happy to see some think it will be easy.  

Day 5 - Students and faculty stopped by the library to inquire more information about FollettShelf.  I guess the screencast on the announcements was a success. There are 15 students who have signed the pledge and the summer reading program hasn't even started. After reading a tweet about digital ideas at the end of the school year, with the help of a student on the summer reading committee we designed a Google presentation.  I need to encourage students to use this user friendly collaborative tool next school year.

Day 6 - I was approached by a student with a device in her hand asking questions on eBooks as I entered the building this morning.  Our library stastics reached 1,105 eBook transactions since early December with 45 of our 60 audio eBooks checked out.  I'm assuming we need to purchase more audio books but I'm excited students may assess the eBooks for their summer reading.  

Day 7 - It's 8:06 a.m. on Saturday and 5 eBooks have been checked out already today.  Life as a school librarian can't get much better!  

Tasks yet to come:
I need to communicate with the local public librarians about this summer reading project. 
I need to add an interactive blog to the library website.  After reading some suggestions from my PLN, I think an inactive blog for student to comment on books they are reading would add to the program.  

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