Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bloggers Paradise

Link to Bloggers Paradise presentation
Free Technology for Teachers blog link 

  • Blogger - Free blogging platform with easy to use ready-made templates. It can be accessed either through your Gmail account or your NISD Google account.
  • Edublogs - Free blogging platform and hosting service for teachers and students.  It's easy to manage student blogs with ready-made templates. 
  • Kidblog - Free blogging platform and hosting service aimed at elementary and middle school student blogs.  The templates are for younger students and more playful.
  • Wordpress is a free blogging platform and hosting service. It's for the more serious blogger with more complex options.  This would be good for long-term bloggers.


  1. Kudos for this post. It will make a great addition to our Pecha Kucha for TLA and TCEA.

  2. Sharon,
    The audiences at TechnoPalooza were great. I'm excited about both conferences.


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