Saturday, July 27, 2013

Student Book Reviews on Pinterest!

It was during a recent NISD TechnoPalooza 2013 event with fellow district librarian extraordinaire, Naomi Bates, on digital curation that I decided to use Pinterest with my library students' flyers. Students read the books, created reviews and videos, collaborated on the design, and then the flyers were presented to the community through our school's social media accounts throughout the school year.  After the session with Naomi, I thought why not add last year's flyers to Pinterest and create a new board devoted to our student book reviews. I pinned the smore flyers into Pinterest and added them to our school's account. Next, I sent a message out through the school Facebook account with a link to the new Pinterest board. I also figured out how to embed the board into blogger and it's not too difficult. I've already received an email from a parent of one of my student aides saying, "This was cool." We've also attracted a few new followers.  What a fantastic collaborative idea that came from a 50 minute district PD session. I foresee using this awesome digital curation tool more in the coming school year.

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