Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Blogger in Distress

When I give advice to many fellow educators, I'll always preface that I have made every mistake imaginable. So, here's my latest mistake.

As I sat in the car waiting on my husband to come out of Best Buy, I received a really fantastic response via email to a question on the Texas Library Connection listserv.  I had compiled a list of responses and put them on my blog since many had asked me to share the results.  With iPhone in hand I quickly copied, pasted, updated, and published the latest suggestion.  When I returned home later that evening I pulled out my iPad to check email, Twitter, Facebook, Feedly, and Blogger.    To my horrific surprise my blog that began in 2010 looked very strange.  My gadgets in the right hand side bar were now below all my posts.  Yikes, what had I done?

At a closer look I realized the saved template was the mobile template.  I checked the format on every device in the house and yes all showed the blog with this mobile template.  As I panicked trying to fix the problem I picked up the laptop and selected template and save.  This did not fix the problem.  In the meantime I was getting many messages and the blog was not opening.  I took a deep breath and picked up my iPad and selected to edit a post.  When I clicked on save the original template was restored.  Yes, it was a huge relief.  My only problem now is that my mobile view has change to a black and white simple template rather than the colorful template that matched my Blogger format.  I tried changing the various templates in the mobile option but none are the views I had prior to my edit and publish on the iPhone.

To all those who use Blogger please let me know if you can help me restore the original mobile template.  The lesson learned here is to BACK-UP YOUR BLOG FREQUENTLY!

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