Thursday, August 15, 2013

Programming Ideas from TLC (Texas Library Connection) Listserv

With the school year fast approaching, thoughts of literacy promotion come to my mind.  As a librarian in a middle school, my students are eager  to read and participate in library programming but how can I improve the existing literacy program? Here's a list of ideas complied from the request on the TLC listserv.  Please add your ideas as a comment.

  • Students and faculty books clubs
  • Virtual book clubs - click for link
  • 25 Book Challenge (school-wide reading campaign) - click for link
  • Principal's Book of the Month
  • Embedded librarian's Shelfari bookshelf on school website
  • Summer reading incentive program
  • Online student book reviews - added to Pinterest account
  • Online student flyers
  • National celebrations such as Teen Read Week and National Library Week
  • Monthly reading incentive celebrations
  • Creative book displays
  • Student driven displays and celebrations
  • Use school social media for reading promotions and celebrations
  • Skype with authors or other schools
  • Author-student Twitter chats
  • Student literacy blogging 
  • Collaborative projects with other schools
  • Implementing new Web 2.0 tools
  • More use of Google Drive
  • Library Advisory Committee
  • Big leaves like a jungle 
  • Gypsy tent deco 
  • Footprints posted (can even use walls) and question marks
  • Go to Pinterest and find ideas from library displays
  • Book swaps
  • Read-a-thons
  • Brown bag it and READ it!  (Lunch reading program)
  • State Reading Lists - click for link
  • Collaborate with the public library
  • Participate in sponsored reading programs such as Pizza Hut BOOK IT!
  • Reading challenges and contest
  • Reading buddies program
  • Get Caught Reading  
  • Book speed dating activity
  • New book bin or other creatively titled book bins
  • Poetry slams
  • Cafe  book talk gatherings
  • Lunchroom book carts - click for link
  • Season's Readings Book Extravaganza - click for link
  • Literacy Lockers
Please add your ideas!

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