Saturday, September 7, 2013

Library Displays From Pinterest

It's not too early to start thinking and planning your displays for the year. After Teen Read Week, I prefer to make a fall display that can stay up until Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving, I prefer a winter display rather than the holidays so I can keep it up until February. When it's just me I must find creative ways of keeping the library festive without taking too much time away from teaching and programming. Try and cut your stress with constantly making your library look lively by blending your displays or concentrating on changing out one area for the seasons, holidays, or celebrations.

Here's my Display Plan:

  • Aug. - Sept. - The back-to-school displays are generic with "Panther Paradise" as the theme and I use our school colors.
  • October - I will include a Teen Read Week display until mid Oct.  At the end of October - I go all out for fall with leaves and displays as colorful as the season. 
  • December - The fall comes down and winter goes up. We do have a Christmas tree that stands in a corner but most of the displays are about "Read a Cool Book" and such.
  • January - I tweak winter and may add a banner for New Year's, pull books for MLK Day, or add to the wintery display. Math classes like to make snow flakes for me to hang over the circulation desk.
  • February - I take winter down and pink, black, white, and red goes up for Love Your Library Month, Valentina's Day, and Presidents' Day. 
  • March - I go all out with green displays. 
  • April - I save room for a Library Week display but I'm getting ready for blooms, testing, and the end of the school year. 
  • May - Many of the flowers and blooms stay up but I find room for a summer reading display. 
One of my favorite resources is School Library Monthly's Almanacs. If you have awesome displays, please take pictures and share on Pinterest.
The key is that I try and blend one display into another thus not taking major time away from programming. I also have 3 bulletin boards, a small case, and large trophy case that I am responsible for out in our building. I rely on our die-cut machine, poster maker, and my students to do much of the grunt work.


  1. Great ideas for those of us with lots to do and little time to get it done. Thanks for sharing, Sue!

  2. I've learned time management. I'm glad it will help.


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