Sunday, September 29, 2013

Think Virtual

As an advocate of becoming more virtual in my library programming, I am amazed at how seamlessly the process can be be presented without notice.  I was confronted with such an example just his past weekend that I wanted to share.

I needed to attend to some family business out of town, so I flew to Orlando to visit with my mother, whom just entered an assisted living facility.  With iPhone and iPad in hand on the trip, I planned to check email and possibly read an eBook while waiting on flights.  A few emails came in from my faculty that I was able to quickly respond to but one request from a teacher wanting a 1:00 p.m. appointment that afternoon to show him more about Google forms had me thinking creatively.  I was able to ask a few questions seeking more information on his needs.  When he finally emailed me an example of what he was trying to duplicate I knew I had a solution.  I had trained many of my student library aides on their Google accounts and suggested he stop by the library to get some instructions from my aides at the requested appointment time.  As I was visiting with mother I received an awesome email from this teacher stating my students were great and they had helped him design a google form.   He said he still had a few questions and would stop by on Monday.  I felt I had a satisfied customer because like many of you I detest the feeling that I was unable to help someone in need. I was also pleased that I was able to coordinate this all without actually being in my school. Although my mission with mother was important, I hate to stop the library program when I am out of the building and becoming more virtual seems to be a positive solution.

I was so proud of my students for taking on this roll to help a teacher and I can imagine how this will boost their confidence in continuing to help others in the library.  I know that a 21st Century educator needs to learn side-by-side with the learning community and I can see more opportunities for our students to become proactive in their learning process.  As a librarian I should no longer dictate the what, how, and when our students should learn but navigate them through the process. Note taken the process is now being extended beyond the walls of our school and it is totally up to me, my creativity, and help from my PLN as to the extent of the virtual process.  The ideas are unlimited and we must all share!  

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