Monday, October 7, 2013

#TXLChat - How to Promote Your Library Programming in the Digital Age

Thanks to the awesome #TXLChat crew on Oct. 8th, here is a wealth of ideas from Texas librarians and friends.

Thanks to Michelle Cooper for storifying the chat. 

 Ideas from the Twitter chat:
  1. Have digital and audio eBooks available
  2. Screencast tutorials
  3. Host a virtual librarian reference page where students and faculty may ask question 24/7. Use a Google form to embed on the library's website.
  4. Use tools such as for online flyers.
  5. Use Google forms for programming such as I did with our Summer Reading Incentive program. 
  6. Being available on weekends and after school hours.
  7. Demonstrate home access for digital content.
  8. Have FAQ available on the library website
  9. Create pathfinders for research assignments
  10. Flip the library process
  11. Use social media sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. to communicate
  12. Use resources such as remind101 to text library information
  13. Library hash tags
  14. Librarian using and sharing Edmodo
  15. Symbaloo pages
  16. Extend booktalks where students can quickly access the titles to trailers
  17. Add Thinglinks to the library Facebook account
  18. Student bloggers
  19. Librarian must be proficient in a variety of tools and devices
  20. Posting student digital work on the library website
  21. Using library website and Destiny Quest for home access
  22. BYOD days
  23. Librarian should stay ahead and lead by example
  24. Advertise and share data
  25. Use curation tools such as and edcanvas
  26. Use weebly to create virtual pages
  27. Use wikispaces as a platform for housing book clubs
  28. Visuals such as bookmarks with database information
  29. QR codes


  1. Some nice synthesizing you have provided for us there, and yes, would be more than useful to anyone who aims to bring their libraries online. However, what about building the library itself as a brand? So that not only does it have a functioning corpus in cyberspace (that should be already set, going in), but more and more people getting to it. I mean, this can be made into a lucrative venture as well. A bit of cash and coin, I guess, for strenuous effort.

    Marta @ Canyon Marketing

  2. Good insight as our role as a librarian continues to change. We must be ready for cyber and brick and mortar.


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