Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Using Google Presentations for Book Trailers

During Teen Read Week I decided to invite students to the library and show book trailers for the ALA logo Seek the Unknown @ your library campaign.  As I've done numerous book talk/book trailer gatherings I'm always up for something new.  Since our district is launching Google in Education for all our students and faculty, I decided to embed the mystery, science fiction, and supernatural book trailers into a Google presentation.

I was able to model access to my Google presentation to our students but the big surprise for me was the ease of the process.  As many of you know from past experience the books that you show case will literarily fly off the shelves.    So between classes I quickly used my iPad to my left to check our Destiny catalog and added trailers into the presentation for regular books or eBooks that were in the library and ready to be checked out.

Here's a step-by-step process.

  1. Access your Google account.  If your school is not a Google in Education school you many set-up an account up through gmail.  I suggest you use a different gmail address specifically for school to avoid blending personal and professional information.
  2. Once logged in go to your Google Drive. Drive should appear on the black tool bar but if not choose More and select Drive as an option.
  3. Click on create and choose Presentation. Google Presentations are very similar to PowerPoint so the learning curve is minimal.
  4. Choose a theme and I like to select the template with a title box and large image box under the title.
  5. Select insert video while the curser is in the larger bottom box.
  6. You can browse through YouTube or insert your own URL.  In YouTube, you may view a thumbnail view.  Once you decide on your video just double click to the right of the video and it will automatically embed into your presentation.  It's almost seamless.
  7. You may resize and center the video screen to your liking.
  8. Add the title, author, and include additional information such as copies available in eBook format.
  9. You can easily change the presentation between classes as the books are circulated or for more age appropriate items.

I know in the future I will be sharing the use of Google Presentations with many more projects.  It's web based and can be embedded into a website, shared with viewing or collaboration rights, linked in Facebook or Twitter, and much more.  It's a reliable alternative to our students who rely on PowerPoint. You may convert a PowerPoint presentation into a Google presentation and vice versa but be careful to check any links or formatting before you consider the final product.


  1. Sue, this is a great idea. I have a lot of book trailers in my YouTube channel, but it would be nice to have a title page, etc. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It's so easy to change them out so I'm glad this helps. What's your channel? I would love to see your book trailers.

  3. You had a genius idea! Such a great solution for the disappointment caused by creating a great promotion and having all the books checked out at the end of the first class. Your teens are lucky to have such a creative, inventive librarian.

  4. Thanks Sharon. I love to see the faces light up when they find the discussed books on the shelves.


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