Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tools of the Day

As a connected educator, with so many resources available, I find that I must choose the tools that best fits my needs.  This is a short list of my favorite tools that I use regularly.

Symbaloo - As teachers ask for suggestions, I send them the Symbaloo with some awesome Web. 2.0 tools. - View my smore flyers
I love using and suggesting smore to my students and faculty.  It has a quick and easy sign-up process that needs no confirmation email.  It’s an intuitive online platform that provides bulletins, online posters, advertisements, and event announcements.  It allows the user to write or upload articles, links, pictures, audio files, forms, and more.  YouTube videos may be easily embedded to view within the flyer.  Once you have 30 views, it opens analytics with a wealth of data and information.  The flyer can be linked or embedded on a blog or website.  The best part is that it’s free.

Popplet is another easy set-up online tool for students and faculty.  This website features users to create mind maps that can be collaborative, customized, or shared.  The quick tutorials will help with setting up your first mind map.  You are only allowed 5 popplets with the free account but you can save your popplets and delete them as you go.    Popplet lite is an APP available for the iPhone or iPad. 

Twitter - View my Twitter
I use Twitter for daily professional development, as a curation tool, to communicate with my learning community, to answer questions from teachers and students, and to promote our latest programming venture in the library.  This simple to use free social media has been a very useful tool of mine since 2008.  At first I was a lurker until I realized the power of the collaboration within this tool.  I use and follow some of the basic library hash tags such as #tlchat and #txlchat and I participate in many chats globally along with other educators.   Our district is filled with a variety of useful hash tags and I started one specifically for our school library.  

This free RSS feeder saves me time with scanning through the many blogs and websites that I follow.  I check for new entries on Feedly 2-3 times per day either on my iPhone or iPad.  I have categorized my feeds allowing me to check particular article topics or I can browse through the entire unread list.  It’s very easy to retweet, email, save, or favor data.  I have read you must have a Google+ account but since I already had one this did not pose an issue. 

Pinterest - View my Pinterest

This easy to use free curation tool has become a popular destination for many educators.  What better place to gather than the great visual displays and ideas on Pinterest.  You can divide your ideas and interests up by boards, follow others with the same interest, and easily pin items on to your board from a tremendous list of possibilities. I again use it to curate but I also share library information, gather topics that might be helpful my faculty, or pin for my personal interest.


  1. Thanks for posting these in one handy place. I think S'Mores will be of immediate use to me.


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