Tuesday, December 3, 2013

An Hour of Code

It all started with a group of 7th grade boys stopping in the library during lunch one day inquiring about our Library Technology Club. As I eagerly invited them to stay, I quickly realized I had a group of gamers and coders. They enthusiastically showed me their projects and programming and I knew I would learn much from these young men.

 After sharing this experience with my Instructional Technology Support Teacher, she found this opportunity offered from the Computer Science Education Week and when I presented this to the boys they were extremely excited about the offer. We now have a group of boys signed up for An Hour of Code for December 12th. The word is getting out to students with many others requesting a seat at the event.  My IT Support Teacher designed an awesome NetSchool page for students to access more information on programming and coding.

 This offer as stated on their website, "What's an Hour of Code? It's a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify "code" and show that anyone can learn the basics to be a maker, a creator, an innovator. We'll provide a variety of self-guided tutorials that anybody can do, on a browser, tablet, or smartphone. We'll even have unplugged tutorials for classrooms without computers. No experience needed." There is also a tutorial video.

I challenge others to join us next week and sign-up for An Hour of Code. If all goes well the opportunity to collaborate might be a possibility. Click here for An Hour of Code sign-up

For an additional article on the event click here.

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