Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Library Lovers Month - I love it!

It’s February - one of my favorite months in the library.  This is time of year we try and become festive with ideas and library programming throughout our school.  There are so many ideas to implement during this short month that I try and  choose a variety of ideas to make it fun for the faculty and students.  Here’s a short list of ideas to choose from.
  • African American History Month
  • Digital Learning Day – February 5th
  • Groundhog Day
  • Halfway Point of Winter Celebration
  • Library Lovers Month
  • Presidents’ Day
  • Random Acts of Kindness Week – February 10-16
  • Tooth Fairy Month
Our highlights for February 2014 Celebration

Blind Date With a Book
Although this is not an original idea, my approach to this program was interesting.  I challenged my library student aides to search the Internet and Pinterest for library programming for February.  They came back with the Blind Date With a Book idea and I loved it.  The development of the program began with students choosing books to wrap for the “blind date”.  They wrote short hints on the outside of wrapped books for students to view in deciding their "blind date" choice.  I couldn’t have asked for a more connecting project that included literature, writing, student book discussions, wrapping (yes the library discussed surface area), library promotion, and fun.  Another student aide helped design the flyers and posters using Google Draw to make colorful displays for the library.  Finally the entire program came together with an awesome display of wrapped books for students and faculty to check out during the Library Lovers Month Campaign.  My student aides took ownership in all the displays and programming.

 Heart Collage
My student aides made a collage from hearts displaying their favorite books.  The display not only added color but much discussion with my students book talking books from the display while others asked for recommendations.

 Google Presentation for Faculty
This project is in the planning.  Since our district has just initiated Google accounts for both faculty and students I decided to add a Google presentation activity.  I am going to share a Google presentation with our faculty titled Library Lovers Month. Each faculty member will design a slide with their favorite inspirational young adult book.  Once the presentation is complete, I will download the presentation to PowerPoint, produce it as a movie, and upload it into YouTube.  The video will be shared on the TV at the school entrance, all  school social media accounts (Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook), on the school’s website, during school announcements, and will run on a TV in the library during the entire month.

Student Presentation

I will offer the same to students and set up a computer station with a large monitor in the library for students to add a favorite book slide into a PowerPoint presentation.  Again the presentation will be downloaded and shared on various formats throughout the school.  I’m very excited to see the feedback on this project.

Festive Displays

My students took much pride in arranging the festive atmosphere for the month. Posters, flyers, and hearts adorned the library.  One student commented, “It’s amazing that you can transform the library from snowflakes to hearts in one day.”  I replied, “I didn’t transform the library, you did.”

Student Driven Projects

Pictured below is the "Favorite Book" computer station, the Blind Date With a Book display, and the final library student aide collage.


We put the Blind Date books on display for a week.  The display generated so much interest that we added some components to the programming.  My principal loves the idea and display and wants a book count on how many Blind Date books get checked out.  Other students have asked to participate with recommending Blind Date books.  We have set-up a wrapping station for volunteers to help wrap books.  


  1. These are amazing ideas Sue! I am a primary librarian but I am motivated to try to incorporate a couple of these... excited! :)

  2. I will pass your comments on to my students. Thanks!

  3. Love, love, love all of this!!! I've done speed dating with books, but haven't tried the blind dates! We just might have to try that!

  4. Please try it and let me know how it works out. The wrapped books has been very enticing to the students. It's the lure of the unknown and they love it so far.


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