Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Google Add-Ons Include EasyBib

I am so excited to see Google has added many new Add-ons including EasyBib. This most definitely will change how I teach citing sources when using our Google accounts. It's so easy.

First, open a Google document and find the new Add-ons option on the tool bar and choose Get add-ons.  Many new Apps will appear including EasyBib.  Click on the blue Free button.

Once you have added-on EasyBib when you click on Add-ons EasyBib will appear in the box.  Click EasyBib Bibliography Creator and Manage Bibliography.

Once your Cite a Source box appears just type in the source and make your choices. Once you have your sources, click on ADD BIBLIOGRAPHY TO DOC red button.  

Finally you can see your bibliography grow and it's that easy.

Right now I am only able to view the new Add-ons through my personal Google account.  I hope this will also be an addition to our district Google account soon.

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