Saturday, March 1, 2014

TechnoExpo 2014

It was an evening of epic proportions. Each year our district hosts an awesome event called TechnoExpo. It entails an evening of students and teachers showcasing projects where technology was integrated within a lesson. Students, parents, teachers, administration, and the community came together in celebration during this event.

The path and planning of such an undertaking as TechnoExpo is a tremendous collaboration on the part of many. Teachers and students began the process in the classroom. Teachers submited their best student technology integration projects and a school panel selected the best to be entered into TechnoExpo. Students knew it was a privilege to be picked for the event and some projects were tweaked. Students collaborated in Google documents with index cards and practiced the presentations during a working lunch. It was well worth the hard work to see over 4,000 people attend this event.

The high school culinary arts students provided food for everyone while the IT department meticulously thought through every detail for a smooth evening of over 1,100 participants and 500 student presentations in grades K-12. Technology issues were handled immediately by the IT department, high school students directed foot traffic and answered questions, family members beamed with pride, teachers hugged students just before their presentation began, and awesome student projects were presented. One student was quoted on his way home as saying, “I’m proud of myself.” The hard work by all was well worth seeing our students take pride in their school work.

A video for our faculty.

A video to play on the student news show.
 As the teacher librarian and school Computer Technology Liaison (CTL), I am proud to have been involved in the process. The evening was a combination of hard work from all involved.  It was an epic evening!

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