Thursday, May 22, 2014

25 Book Challenge Finale

This year's 25 Book Challenge incentive reading program has been a success worth sharing with others in my PLN.  I have blogged about our program in the past and you can see a complete program design at this link.  It's actually a simple program that has gathered momentum with our main objective to keep our students reading throughout the year.  This year we had our 6th grade teachers that decided to post visual charts in the classroom indicating how many books each student read which was an awesome initiative to keep the program literally "in full view of our students".  Our 7th and 8th grade teachers choose to work with the netSchool database for students to enter their books and evaluate student progress.  The data is daily exported into an Excel spreadsheet for evaluation.  The advantage of the netSchool database over a Google form is that each student can edit and view their entries at any time.

This year's celebrations included:

  • 5 Books: Free ID and Lanyard (this was the least favorite celebration for our students and the lowest number of students participated)
  • 10 Books: Movie at the high school Performing Arts Center (the high school is within walking distance of our school)
  • 15 Books: Dessert and extra time in the outdoor courtyard during lunch
  • 20 Books: Soda floats and time out the classroom for the celebration
  • 25 Books: All inclusive day a Main Event
This chart indicates 2 years worth of student participation data.  The top bars begin with 5 Books Celebration and continues down to our final 25 Books Main Event extravaganza.  
  • We increased our final 25 Books celebration participation by 35 students
  • All celebrations except for the free ID and lanyard had an increase in student participation
  • Our school has successfully promoted a literacy program school-wide - it was not just a "library thing"
  • 6th graders had the largest number of students who achieved the 25 Books Challenge
  • This created an easy transition into our Summer Reading incentive
  • Our school expectation is for ALL our students to read
  • We started a weekly set DEAR time once per week with an altered scheduled 
  • Each celebration was greatly appreciated by students and faculty 
  • Many avid readers did not participate
  • 8th graders seemed to be the least interested grade in participating
  • We were unable to take students on the 2 field trips without parent permission slips (we made every effort including calling home for permission slips to be returned)
  • Students were not interested in participating for a free ID or lanyard
  • We were unable to reach 100% of our students in motivating them to read and participate 

As with any other school-wide program I'll set up a Google document for all involved to add suggestions and/or feedback.  

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