Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lesson From EdCampNov8: Moderator for Symbaloo and Learned About Blendspace

It was an awesome day attending #EdCampNov8 hosted by my district.  I was surprised to see so many travel long distances to learn and connect with others.  We had an arrayed of educators including teachers, IT Coaches, administrators, librarians, and more.  I was honored to facilitate the Symbaloo session (I love using Symbaloo) with fellow district librarian Kelley Valdez.  Incredibly I came away with a new appreciation for another curation tool called Blendspace (that's the beauty of EdCamps you can talk about other tools in a session).  Although I had a Blendspace account for over a year I had not utilized it's potential.

Blendspace is a curation tool like Symbaloo but I like that I can add text, pictures, and videos to the template.  It has a drop and drag format with searchable tools built right into the site.  I spent very little time making this lesson so the learning curve is low.  There is the ability to vary the look and color of the template and it was easy to add additional rows. It can be linked or embedded like symbaloo but I like the play feature that turns it into a slideshow.   I see functions such as collaborators and quizzes that I did not use but thought they would be useful to my teachers in the classroom.  This is definitely a tool that I will share with others along with using Symbaloo for curation.

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