Friday, May 30, 2014

Library End of Year Report

It's that time of year in the library that I find "fast and furious". I am very fortunate to realize that gathering statistics, pictures, videos, programming and more can be cumbersome for my final evaluation so I keep an ongoing document in my Google Drive with annual information to make my end-of-year-report a seamless and easy process. I also try to implement new ideas to challenge myself with modeling tools for others to view. In the past I have used Animoto, iMovie, Google documents, and other tools. This year I made 3 templates in Canva and imported them into thinglink. Once I had 3 good images I just linked this year's data and produced a channel. I embedded it on our library website so it will be available to everyone including our faculty, students, and parents. I do feel it's important to inform everyone about our library program. As Nancy Jo Lambert says, "You need to tell your story."  It does not matter the format, just get your story or end-of-year report out.  Do not spend countless hours in the stressful mode but highlight the main events and share it with your community. Much of the report is for me in reflection of the school year.  From this I can set goals for next year in what should I continue, what should I drop, what can I modify, and what new ideas can I implement.

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