Friday, May 16, 2014

Summer Reading FUN Begins!

 It's that time of year when we begin to plan our summer reading program.  With the success of last year's summer reading, our Library Advisory Committee decided to implement a similar reading incentive program. So basically here's our plan.  Full disclosure:  This is an incentive program and is not required. Plans can and do change while the program is in full swing as awesome ideas blossom. Our main objective is that we want our students to continue to read over the summer and encourage them to choose and share their books.

I wanted to come up with a thematic logo so I turned to canva and played with the banner above. It didn't take long to design and I love the variety of templates that I can tweak because I am NOT a graphic designer.  So we are including this logo on our website, bookmarks, posters (like the one below), Facebook, and Twitter accounts to promote our summer reading incentive program.

  • Our students are encouraged to read 5 or more books during the summer and log them into a simple feedback Google form.
  • In mid-July members of our Library Advisory Committee will meet and send out post cards to students who have read 5 or more books.  This will also be done in mid-August.
  • Our principal has agreed to sponsor an incentive prize to all students who complete the summer reading incentive. The Summer Reading incentive prizes will be given out at the beginning of the school year along with recognizing the students.
  • The program will be advertised through the school website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and the Library Remind account.  We will also "team up" with our PTA in promoting on their Facebook page.  An administrator also agreed to run names and reading data on our marquee throughout the summer.  I can easily provide this information virtually from the Google form.
  • Students will have the opportunity for me to post their book review on our social media accounts.  This will be an option in the Google form.
  • I will open the library to all students and faculty during the summer on days that I plan on working beyond the regular school year with my extended contract days.
  • I will also make myself available to answer questions to parents and students through email throughout the summer.  I want to encourage all students and faculty to access our library's eContent and I will share statistics through our marketing and promotional venues.
  • Students may include their summer reading in our 25 Books Challenge campaign during the school year.  This year we had 179  students who read and participated in this campaign! Our goal is to increase the participation for next year.    
  • We want our students to enjoy their summer but we all are too familiar with the "summer slide".  I describe it to the students as, "If you don't use it then you will loose it."  Those students who continue to read during the summer are more likely to return in August with higher retention of last year's lessons.
  • Those students who learn to read for pleasure are more likely to become life-long readers.  Let them read what they want during the summer with no lesson or criteria - just for pleasure.
  • If we keep our students in the routine of reading during the summer than the process should come naturally when the school year begins.  Plus, we want our students and faculty to use the library's eContent resources. This allows virtual access to the library 24/7.
I also look forward to sharing ideas in a Google Hang Out with some fellow library peeps.

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