Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Taking the ThingLink Teacher Challenge - it's FREE!

My summer vacation has officially begun and as I gather my summer reading, look through professional development opportunities, organize my thoughts in designing presentations, I have eagerly signed up to participate in the ThingLink Teacher Challenge. It began on June 9th with weekly challenges to produce and share some awesome ThingLink projects. It was very easy to sign up and I received an invitation to join this challenge.  My main objective was to design some great projects that could be used in helping facilitate our library program.  The amazing Susan Oxnevard leads the challenge.

Our first challenge per the Thinglink blog includes:

The first ThingLink Teacher Challenge will be to create a simple interactive image that explains “How To…” and taps into your own expertise. Remember, new users should keep it simple and choose a topic you are very familiar with. Here are some simple summer ideas for your first image.
  • How to Make Ice Tea
  • How to Get Fit for Summer
  • How to Grow Tomatoes
  • Anything goes, keep it simple
So this is my first ThingLink Teacher Challenge project.

This is an awesome visual that I plan on embedding on our library website, posting on our school's Facebook and Twitter accounts, and including on our Summer Reading Challenge information. I can't wait for week #2. Take the #TLChallenge this summer!

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