Tuesday, August 26, 2014

25th Anniversary Celebration!

I am celebrating my 25th year as a school librarian.  Many have asked what are "my secrets" over the years in an ever changing profession.  My #1 secret is that I enjoy my job and I am fortunate to work in a school that feels more like a family than a faculty.  Here are my top 10 reflective thoughts on my secrets to a successful library program.

  1. Be passionate – Your passion as a librarian will be contagious so show it. You have the ability to set the tone within your school so do it in a positive and productive manner.
  2. Choose your own adventure – If and when something within your library program is boring, change it up.  You have the unique power of choice so use it.  Add new tools or elements to lessons, make an activity interactive, join a Google hang out, but just don’t continue with a monotonous presentation.
  3. Embrace technology – Delve into the digital age and take the time to concentrate and become an expert on a few new tools each grading period. Embed them into your program and watch the excitement grown within your learning community.  
  4. Engage in a magical mystery tour – Entice your faculty and students with surprises.  Leave them at the edge of their seats, yearning for more, and guessing what’s next with your library programming. Everyone loves a good mystery.
  5. Grow your personal learning network – Find others with the same ideologies and collaborate.  It’s a smaller world than just a few years ago. We are all just a few clicks away from one another so seek out others and share globally.
  6. Have fun – It’s all about having fun.  Greet your patrons with a welcoming friendly smile.  When you are having fun, the rest will follow.
  7. Learn to facilitate – Release tasks to your students or others in your school that you may have been tethered to in the past.  Be a friendly facilitator rather than a distant dictator. 
  8. Show advocacy – Take every available opportunity to be an advocate of your program.  Be an inspirational leader in your school and professional community – tell your story.  Mentor those in need and model to the masses. 
  9. Take charge of your own professional development – There are so many opportunities available to each of us whether it’s face to face, in a Google hangout, on a Skype call, or through a Twitter chat.  You have the choice so find the best prospects that will help you become a better librarian.
  10. Welcome change – Change can be difficult for many but confront it head-on and be the first in your school to greet the inevitable transformations of a 21st Century educator. Begin with adding a virtual presence in your library program. 
I ask myself where has the time gone with 9 years as a classroom teacher and 25 years as a school librarian?  There have been many celebrations over the years.  My most grateful celebration is that I have been proactive in making the right choices as a school librarian!

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