Sunday, September 7, 2014

It's Time for Setting Your Goals

It's that time of year where I am required by my district to set goals.  So I look at last year's goals tweak some that I feel needs modifying, drop those that are not longer needed, and add new ones to challenge both me and the library program.

This year I was inspired by NancyJo Lambert's and Andy Plemmon's blog articles about setting goals. So I too set out to make some some simple goals for myself and will make them public in our library for all to see.

#1 - Infuse Technology in all Curricular Areas
  • Keep up-to-date on new and emerging tools through my PLN
  • Model tools to both students and faculty
  • Accept online challenges such as the Thinglink Teacher Challenge
#2 Promote Reading in a Variety of Formats
  • Provide formal training on the use of our digital eContent
  • Use the library website as a platform to host training and information of all content
  • Model the use of both regular books and our eContent
  • Use a variety of content who book talking 
#3 Participate in Collaboration Beyond the Library Walls
  • Seek online opportunities to collaborate with others
  • Invite authors and/or guest speakers either through Skype or Google Hang Outs into our school
  • Join Goolge+ Communities that specializes in global collaboration 
#4 Empower Our Student in the Learning Process
  • Provide opportunities of CHOICE for our students
  • Train students as "first responders" in technology issues
  • Facilitate a student drive Technology Club
Have you set your personal goals this year?  Do make them visible to others and to remind yourself?  As the year goes on I can sometimes put my personal goals on the "back burner" but not this year.  With the help of Canva I'll post them in the library for everyone to see!

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