Saturday, October 11, 2014

Digital Citizenship Collaboration

Common Sense Education is hosting Digital Citizenship Week October 19-25, 2014. You may see their information at the following link.

For many of us who work on the front lines of teaching, modeling, and preaching about Digital Citizenship, this is a week worth celebrating within your learning community.  With the ever-growing social media networks now is the time to infiltrate each and every lesson with full disclosure on proper digital citizenship. What better way to celebrate Connected Educator Month  and Digital Citizenship than to reach out and connect with another librarian.

Our collaborative activity began with amazing librarian Gailanne Smith (@GailanneSmith) requesting a Skype session with our 8th grade students discussing and sharing information on proper digital citizenship with her 5th grade students.  What better way for students to understand the topic than real-life information and experiences coming from other students?  The time was set, Instructional Coaches were invited, the Skype software was tested, and the 8th grade students were given a list of topics to discuss in preparation for the many questions that might be asked by inquiring 5th graders.  Gailanne set up a TodaysMeet for back channeling immediately thrusting all into a hands-on approach for modeling and viewing proper digital citizenship.  

As the Skype session progressed with questions via Skype and TodaysMeet, I quickly realized that this event was not only beneficial to the 5th graders but my 8th graders were sharing experiences that both they and their friends had encountered through the various avenues on the Internet.  They had to listen to the questions, reflect, and volunteer to answer some of the most awesome questions posted and asked by 5th graders.  In truth, I’m not sure who received the most value from this lesson because I was in total awe from both perspectives. 

The hour went by quickly and we agreed that all students could have continued the conversation on this crucial topic.  In my reflection of this simple collaborative event, I encourage others to reach out to fellow librarians, school communities, and educators to help your students make quality decisions on this extremely importance topic – digital citizenship.

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