Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kahoot Day for Teen Read Week 2014

It’s never too late to learn a new tool nor is the programming too simple to be a success.  That brings us to our Teen Read Week 2014 Kahoot Day.  I was introduced to this simple online gaming tool by my technology club last year. Kahoot is an easy online tool that is fun and provides quick assessment for student feedback.  

So here is how our Kahoot Day  was designed:

  • My student library aides (some are also in our technology club) had to create and share a Google document. Their task was to write 2-3 questions and answers about current young adult books that may be included in the Kahoot.
  • As a group of twenty we evaluated the questions on the Google document for accuracy.
  • 10 questions and answers were selected for the Kahoot Day event that were included in the gaming tool.
  • During Teen Read Week 2014 (#trw14) ELA teachers were invited into the library to participate in the event and we had as many as 3 classes per visit.
  • I loaded the Kahoot while my student aides manually started and ran the program.
  • After each question we asked students with the top scores to raise their hands so we could give recognition.
  • After the final results were displayed prizes were given to the top Kahoot players.
  • The Kahoot was shared with ELA teachers to be used at a later date if desired.  
  • It was simple but collaborative
  • The excitement was overwhelming at times which in my opinion was awesome.
  • I heard many positive student comments about books and reading.
  • The program encouraged enthusiasm in YA literature along with exposing students to books they have not read yet.  This had the potential for a “must read” list for the students.
  • We added a technology component with the activity which in turn helped our students become more comfortable with their new Windows 8 devices.
  • Students were able to easily use multiple devices including SmartPhones.
  • It was easy, fun, and enjoyed by all.
The most exciting part of the event was being approached by the entire 6th grade ELA teachers wanting to collaborate on Kahoot ideas to help students in the classroom with vocabulary activities.  As a librarian what more could I ask for than excitement over reading, students taking leadership roles in library programming, celebrating Teen Read Week, and inspiring others through modeling a cool tool.  Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that CAN make the most difference.  


  1. Sounds like a great activity. Any chance you'd share the Google doc with the questions?

  2. Thanks for sharing with Kahoot! Sue

  3. Heather,
    Send me your Kahoot user name and I'll share the Kahoot with you. I miss my SC friends. We must connect SC and TX soon!


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