Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wii Day Tuesday - Sometimes It's the Simple Things

Our school has a solid group of 8th grade boys that are the core of our Technology/Coding Club.  They initiated the club and keep interest going through a variety of marketing techniques.  That in mind, they are always looking for exciting tools and projects eager to take on the next new challenge.  That takes us to a new marketing strategy.  Our principal bought a Wii that is used sporatically for special occasions.  The Wii is stored in the library and you all know the unwritten rule that if it's in the library, we can use it.  So with permission we started Wii Day Tuesday during 8th grade lunch.  The Technology Club showed in force and had the choice to play Mario or dance.  Yes, this group of high technology skilled 8th grade boys chose to dance.  Even after 34 years of educational experience students never cease to amaze me.  So the library and Technology Club will continue to host Wii Day Tuesday.  I must admit that I have many motives including: hosting a fun activity in  the library; expanding the Technology Club; getting to know more students; and the list goes on.  So Wii Day Tuesday has been another successful program in the library!

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