Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Curating Student Blogs

I have encouraged my student library aides to blog this year and here is the result. I am extremely proud of the time and effort some of the students have spent on designing and develpoing this platform.  I have curated the blog websites through a Google form so we may all easily view and give feedback to the blogs (including mine).  I love to see the students share the number of views, the  geographic locations of the views, and their posts with one another.  The students have taken extreme pride in their blogs and have included them on their ePortfolios.

In producing this thinglink, each student made and emailed me their own avatar.  I arranged the avatars in canva before uploading it into thinglink.  Students were able to view the final product through there individual thinkglink accounts even before I shared the link.   Blogging, creating, smashing, writing, reviewing.....what other lesson can incorporate all these task?

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