Saturday, February 28, 2015

February - Short But Busy Month

Here's an overview of some of the activities celebrated throughout the month of February in our library.  It was a busy month with a district-wide middle school interactive thinglink poster to many other celebrations of our LOVE to read in our school. All were done in collaboration with an emphasis to reach out to our community. Most were shared via our school social media accounts and on our school library Instagram.

Blind Date With a Book
This was the 2nd year we participated in Blind Date With a Book and again it was an exciting success.  My student library aides selected and wrapped the books, added clues, and maintained the display. Be prepared to wrap many books!

Hot Chocolate Bar
With the assistance of 2 other awesome teachers, we provided a hot chocolate bar during one of our faculty meetings.  This simple task of providing a warm sweet drink close to Valentine's Day was greatly appreciated by the staff.

Pike Loves to Read
This program began with a blank Google presentation (slides) shared with our faculty with the instructions to add their name, teaching assignment, and favorite book.  My student library aides volunteered to customize each slide.  Students were instructed to contact the teachers informing them they were working on their slide.  After the Google presentation was complete the students uploaded it into PowerPoint and saved it as a movie file.  They emailed me the movie file and I added the presentation on to our scrolling TV at the front entrance of our school for everyone to see.  Added bonuses to the program included students adding their own slides, students communicating with teachers via the comment option in Google presentation, both students and teachers becoming more comfortable with a shared Google presentation project, and a great promotion of our favorite books with the community.

Original Quotes 
This exciting program occurred during a school-wide Tech Tuesday lesson. Students were given the opportunity to design an original quote describing our school using I was able to make a Google presentation from the quotes emailed to me by our students. Five quotes were chosen to be displayed on our school marquee at the entrance of our building. This again, was a exciting format to share our passion with the community.

Get ready for our March celebrations.  Bring on the March Madness!

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