Monday, March 16, 2015

Literary March Madness - Round 1

This has been a great collaborative project that has been implemented district-wide.  It began with a Google document and 5 middle school librarians.  We analyized our district circulation reports for the most popular middle school books, matched the books into brackets, found the book trailers, designed a poster in canva, set up a Google form for voting, and uploaded the entire project into thinglink.  Each round will be open approximately 1 week for voting.  All teachers, administrator, students, and faculty members in our district have been invited to participate.  Each school set-up their own brackets and used the same collaborative thinglink poster below to promote the project.  It was exciting to see our students stand in front of the brackets and talk about books.  Yes, the voting and visuals have initiated literary discussions across the district.  Here's our first round bracket. I will continue to post the March Madness progress as the voting proceeds.

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