Saturday, April 25, 2015

Let's Move It!

Who said that library programs need to be ALL about the library? In our latest adventure the nurse, PTA, and library staff collaborated on a healthy competition for staff after STAAR testing to get everyone ready for their summer vacation. We pulled out our fitbits, odometers, and apps and will start to actively walk, jog, skip, Zumba, or participate in any activity with forward movement for the last 6 weeks of school. All participants will record their steps and convert them into miles in a weekly Google form. Our nurse will add weekly tips to the online flyer while the PTA will provide the prizes for the top three staff who walks the farthest. The library staff will keep track of the data and post incentive badges on the doors of those participating. This activity will feed right into the school-wide PTA Fun Run with students observing the friendly competition. The most exciting part of the PTA Fun Run is that all proceeds are going directly into helping the library purchase furniture to make it comfortable and relaxing for students and staff.

Collaboration can be achieved through many venues in our schools. As librarians, sometimes we need to think outside the box and outside our walls with programming. With the stigma that some still think we sit behind the desk and read all day, we have the responsibility to demonstrate our presence in our school communities. Since this is the beginning of the program, I have high expectations that it is successful with many participants. The exciting part of any program is the unexpected. I will follow-up at the end and share the outcome.

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