Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Never Too Old for Something New

I began my educational career in 1980 and as a veteran educator I am often confronted with statements like this, "They are just too old for change." Or, "They need to retire." Change has no age limit but rather has a specific mind set. When I hear these comments I readily defend the troops who have seen a tremendous amount of change from chalk boards to present day devices and tools. There are many of us who embrace change and are open to new adventures in education. On the flip side, I expect that younger educators should know basic computer and software skills and on many occasions I am amazed at the lack of knowledge in both areas. Another comment I often hear is, "You are the librarian and it's your job to know all this stuff." I disagree with that statement. I am an educator, I am always ready to learn, I am in control of my professional development, and I choose to keep up with the times. I love to reply with, "How effective would I be as an educator if I was still teaching like I was in 1980?" Embrace a passion to learn no matter how many years you have been an educator. I find this video extremely inspiring and although I'm not sure I can accomplish a head stand, I know I can embrace new challenges.

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