Sunday, June 7, 2015

Success With the Best!

I've already blogged about our Let's Move It! @ Pike program but in conclusion I wanted to share my reflective "take-a-ways" from the campaign.  It all began with a collaboration between the library staff (including my student aides), our school nurse, and our amazing PTA. Together we wanted to bring forth the importance of a healthy life style including exercise.  Tools such as, Google Form, and Google Slides were selected as the platform to launch and archive the entire program. The online flyer had roughly 700 views which in itself a testament of the program's success.  The amazing outcome is that 21 faculty members (roughly 1/3 of our staff) logged in 3,456.532 miles in the last 6 weeks of school. Through a PTA grant, all participants received a gift card that was given out during our last faculty meeting of the year.

  • This was a truly successful collaborative program.
  • I connected with the Physical Education department!  Yes, after many years of pondering how to connect with one of the most difficult departments it blindsided me when it just happened.  
  • The other large group I connected with was our paraprofessionals.  I learned through this eager and amazing group that they too want to belong and participate in our school programming so make sure you have this group on your radar. They are extremely important and influential in your school's dynamics.
  • A group of educators started meeting 30 minutes before school to walk as a group.  WOW, I didn't orchestrate this group and was so proud they took the initiative. 
  • Students started asking faculty members about their miles.  Yes, they became interested and were amazed at how many miles were logged into the Google Form.
  • I had teachers approach me for the 1st time asking me questions about their Google account! 
  • The tackk used generated interest in a new platform tool for some.
  • Our PTA "rocked" and gave us a grant to purchase amazing gift cards for everyone who participated. 
  • My student aides produced signs for the doors of all participants. It was a visual for the entire community to see.
  • Social media and marketing generated interest from outside our building. 
  • Staff members were extremely complimentary with positive feedback about the library and our programming.  Folks if you haven't figured it out yet let me inform you it's all about relationships. 
As the nurse and I stood on stage giving out the awards we agreed this was one idea that needed to be repeated.  Our next incentive will include challenging another school in our district.  It was visibly evident some faculty had lost weight and were making better life-style choices by the end of the program and that to me was SUCCESS!


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