Sunday, October 25, 2015

Can You Say eBook Success?

It was during the awesome #TXLChat on eBooks that I was inspired to reflect on our community's eBook successes.  I've been able to attribute our thriving usage to 4 basic reasons.

#1 - Librarian "BUY IN!" Get excited about your eBooks!!!
  •  You must be excited in order to generate an enthusiastic environment for eBook usage.  I hear many say I prefer books rather than eBooks.  DO NOT say this in front of your students and faculty.  You are condemning your eBooks usage before you begin.
  • Model by using your eBooks.  Start a conversation by saying, "I just read an awesome eBook that I think you would love."
#2 - Look at your eBook collection.  Are the titles INVITING?
  • An eBook collection is much like a hardback book collection.   If it's old and musty no one will read them.  If you don't have cool high interest eBooks no one will access them.
  •  Take time and input with your eBook selection and collection development.  
  • Take advantage of programs such as implementing a district collection to give your patrons a much larger choice.  We have an option with Follett that allows our school's to share eContent taking our school's collection from 100 eBooks to almost 1,400 eBooks in just 3 years.  
#3 - It's all about MARKETING.
  • I mention eBooks in every part of the library program. 
  • Have signs placed around the library and school with eBook access directions.
  • Design an eBook information bookmark.
  • Make visuals that can be used on social media, the website, or teacher moodle pages with eBook information.
  • Demonstrate!
  • Host an eBook book talk day such as I did with this thinglink. 
  • Send out eBook access directions via email before any reading event such as DEAR Day.  
#4 - Follow through with your statistics.  Give eBook "SHOUT OUTS!
  • Include eBook data in annual reports, parent newsletters, when sending out information to the faculty, and more.
  • Share your successes in PLCs, faculty meetings, Twitter chats, or any venue.
In my opinion our eContent is here to stay with yet another changing role as a librarian.  I have embraced the usage of eBooks enthusiastically and will continue to promote and market their usage to give our community a choice.  It allows usage of our collection beyond the library walls and beyond our school hours.  The success of eBooks in your community is at your finger tips.

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