Friday, October 30, 2015

Creating a Culture for Reading

 There are so many ideas shared in the educational community on how to create a reading culture within the schools.  The ideas are unlimited but we need to take into consideration what is best for our patrons.  As a middle school librarian I feel we have established a positive pathway for life-long readers and here are a few of our techniques.
  • Our library has a high interest hardback and eBook collections
  • Students are invited to participate in a school-wide reading incentive program
  • Faculty members display logs of what they have read outside their classroom or office
  • Students regularly visit the library with their ELA classes
  • The library is open before school, during lunch, and after school to students
  • The school sponsors a virtual summer reading reading program
  • Frequent book talks and book trailers are presented to classes
  • Librarian collaboration with district programming
  • District book competition
  • School-wide DEAR time
  • Literacy and book commercials on the student video news program
  • The use of social media (school Facebook and Twitter accounts)
  • Posting reading pictures to the library Instagram account
  • Student driven book clubs 
  • Student driven library program
  • Collaboration with the PTA
Sometimes the small incentives can surprise you the most.  On the way to work one day I decided to purchase candy as a surprise to anyone who checked out a hardback or eBook the week leading up to Halloween.  This small act was overwhelming with almost everyone checking out books during this festive week.  Some may interpret this as a bribe but in the long run if 1 piece of candy motivated a  student to read than I am convinced we do what it takes to accomplish our goals. 

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