Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Creating a Culture for Readers

As librarians we spend countless hours trying to think about programming to help integrate a quality literacy program into our schools.  We share ideas in PLCs, participate in Twitter chats, attend conferences, and go beyond the horizon to seek out the magic of enticing the school community to become life-long readers.  So when something as simple as obtaining new cafe tables from a PTA grant surprised me as one simple solution I had to share.

The very day that the tables were assembled and brought into the library students flocked to quietly sit and read.  An 8th grade lunch group began to grow and assemble.  Once I realized these new three tablets were a magnet I went in as the "Super Librarian".  Yes, I approached the students at the table with greetings, discussions about books, and built on the relationships.

Now I'm not saying these three tables will magically entice our students to read.  I am saying look at something as easy as new furniture, hosting clubs, opening for lunches or before school, to help build the trust and relationships that will be the foundation for creating a culture of readers. 

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