Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Students Creating a Culture for Reading

Times have changed in the library since by first position in 1989. I began in a middle school of about 1,400 students with two paraprofessionals.  It was easy to manage the many tasks with the awesome adult help.  Now I find myself as the lone adult staff member in the library so how do I manage? I tap into the creativity of 20 incredible student library aides.

Right before Thanksgiving break I pulled out our holiday and winter decorations and stepped back giving my students full access to creating a culture for readers.  I am always amazed with their enthusiasm, willingness to participate, and creativity.

Part 2 in the process was to create some digital images of their hard work.  A few students confidently took pictures of the library with one student creating a flipagram.  Most of the pictures can be viewed in our Instagram account.

We have received so many compliments and students love the change in our library with the change in the seasons.  How does one create a culture for reading?  Ask for your students to help.

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