Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Coloring Contest in the Library - YES!

Top 10 Reasons to Sponsoring a Coloring Contest:
  1. It was a fun activity sponsored and promoted by the library
  2. It didn't require extensive planning my part
  3. The items were easily found and purchased
  4. All students were invited to participate
  5. No creativity was required 
  6. It made a colorful display
  7. It helped celebrate School Library Month
  8. It was a new program and received much positive attention from both teachers and students
  9. It brought students into the library before school and during lunch
  10. It helped create a positive welcoming environment to all students and teachers

This year I tried a new library program and it was not only fun but a welcomed success.  With many blogging, tweeting, and commenting on adult coloring I decided to host a  bookmark coloring contest in honor of School Library Month in April.  I found awesome bookmarks on the Demco website along with some colored pencils and that's all it took.  Students were given almost 3 weeks to complete the contest and the results were so phenomenal  that I had a difficult time choosing a winner.

Here are the bookmarks from Demco.  There were 5 templates to choose from.  I had some leftover for next year as I hope to continue this tradition.

I put the bookmarks on display in a case with many students, visitors, faculty, and parents stopping to admire the colorful arrangement.  This easy to manage program brought so much interest that I continue to get requests for the coloring bookmarks even after the event is over.  Who said library programming was difficult?  Make it easy and think about adding a simple coloring program to your library for a positive overall outcome.

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