Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Blind Date With a Book or eBook

Every year during the month of February the library is transformed into a love to read world.  The students decorate with red, pink, and white hearts along with the many posters purchased for the festive occasion. Everyone is eager to participate in our Blind Date With a Book program that includes checking out wrapped books once back in the classroom.

Here's our display that was produced in Canva, my favorite graphic design tool,  and made into a large poster.  

This year I attended TCEA 2017 in early February and while gone my substitute and students wrapped books for our Blind Date With a Book program.  I picked up a new tip this year and added the first sentence of the book on the wrapping instead of a summary. That made the process easier.

The program is immensely popular and we encountered some problems as you can see with the empty cradles.  

I added a new twist to the program and used the QR codes embedded in Destiny Discover making these posters for Blind Date With an eBook.  When the QR codes are scanned with a smart device it takes the patron directly out to Destiny to check out the eBook.

We mixed the content on the display to include both books and eBooks.

I was able to produce an amazing Loupe collage with the pictures which made for a cool visual. Click here for the collage. Or, I can download the graphic as you can see below.

What did I love about this program:

  • The excitement it generated for both students and faculty
  • Opening up my students to new genre choices
  • Blending a program with both hardback books and our digital resources
  • Promoting the love of reading

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