Sunday, February 12, 2017

eBook Friday

As I continue the journey to market our digital content some ideas work wonderfully while other marketing techniques are not as successful. I declared last Friday as eBook Friday. First and foremost I want my students to have the choice in their content preferences. With many investing in digital content there is a desire to see returns in use and productivity of these resources. With that being said, here is a simple yet successful digital usage campaign that I implemented with my 6th grade class of about 325 students.   The entire process took roughly 10 minutes per period during a regular library day for 6th graders. 

  • Direct students to log into Destiny Discover or your school's online library catalog.  

  • Quickly demonstrate a variety of searches using vocabulary that coincides with the process and allow for quick questions. Our students have had many lessons on Destiny Discover so this was a review.  I may have as many as 40-50 students when modeling a lesson so the buddy system works wonderfully for many simple questions.
  • Set a timer for 5 minutes with instructions.  Search for digital content of your choice and check out the content.  Open the the digital content and read, listen, or explore the content until the time is up.  Raise your hand when interesting content is found and you will receive a cool bookmark.  It was amazing how much 5 minutes allowed me to monitor the group, answer questions, direct students who may have wondered off task, and compliment those that explored Destiny Discover beyond the initial request.
This student took the task beyond my expectations by listening to a book and browsing a graphic novel at the same time.

This student was able to find some interesting high interest nonfiction reading.

Other students started modifying options in Destiny to their reading preferences.

This student discovered the amazing world of digital graphic novels and was happy to verbally share with everyone!

Yes, we talked about downloading the APP on smart devices and you can get a glimpse of the cool bookmarks propped on the keyboard.

After the 5 minutes was called students were allowed to seek hardback books or continue reading their newly discovered digital content.  About 50% continued to read on Chromebooks while others wandered the shelves in search of hardback books.  
Here are the results of our eBook Friday with just our 6th grade class of roughly 325 students.  

You might be questioning the lesson at this point.  So do I demonstrate, allow time to explore, and reward them with a bookmark if successful? Yes, that's the lesson or marketing strategy.  Some may be questioning whether the students will return to and read the digital content.    My answer is the same for all items that  are checked out from the library.  How do we know if our students are reading?   Stop, talk, and discuss the books with them.

What do I love about this program:
  • It's simple
  • Students are allowed a choice
  • Our digital content is being accessed
  • Students are preparing for the future with a variety of content
  • Students are reading

The most important message here is to allow your students the choice.  It's important that we as #FutureReadyLibs guide our students with the knowledge of choice.  Getting our students ready for the future includes introducing them to a variety of formats and content.  The days of our libraries being filled with hardback books is over so have fun introducing your learning community to the world of digital content.  

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