Thursday, February 16, 2017

Smashing Snapchat and eBooks

You never know what will inspire your next great idea.  For me that came from a reply to all from our secondary librarians' email group.  The message was short and simple.  
"We all know that kids don’t use QR code readers but you can use Snapchat as a QR code reader!"  
I already had QR eBook codes from Destiny Discover on display for an author visit and Blind Date With an eBook so I knew what my plans were for my 8th grade classes that would visit the following day.
As usual, the class began with a few library infomercials.  I then pulled up a 90 second student produced video demonstrating how to use Snapchat as a QR code reader. As the video was playing I pulled out my iPhone 7 plus, pulled up my Snapchat app, walked up to one of our eBook QR codes, and scanned the code as it was being described in the video.  It immediately went to a message to click here for the link and I was waving my phone screen for all to see the eBook in Destiny Discover.  I wish I could have captured the student reaction because it was priceless.  I can image what was going through their 8th grade minds.  First might have been, does this 37 year educator really have a Snapchat account? Or, did she really show me how to check out an eBook using Snapchat?

After the demonstration I released everyone to checkout books, eBooks, or whatever content they desired.  It was exciting to me to make this connection with a sometimes reluctant crowd and I was amazed to see the rush to scan our eBook QR codes.  The excitement from the students was well worth the demonstration.

Here's a photo of a student scanning our Blind Date With an eBook on display in the library windows.

Here you can see the link request on Snapchat on one phone and Destiny Discover on the other phone.

This photo captured some of the excitement that occurred during each class visit.

In reflection I ask myself did students really check out our eBooks after this demonstration? I can check my statistics but what was more important to me was making that connection with my students and building on our relationship.  As a veteran education I know all too well that our successes can be directly related to our relationships.

What did I love about this simple activity:

  1. I made a positive connection from their world to mine using a mutual tool
  2. Many of those enthused were our most reluctant readers
  3. I brings more options and choices to students
  4. Library day was a FUN day

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