Friday, March 31, 2017

Teleport 360 Editor - New ThingLink App

Teleport 360 Editor - New ThingLink App

As a ThingLink Certified Educator the announcement of the newly released Teleport 360° Editor for iPads, and soon to be released for Android tablets, was exciting news.  After downloading the App on my iPad I found the start to finish process easy for all students and teachers interested in creating interactive content.

I logged into the App through my Premium ThingLink account and found my existing 360° images (MY MEDIA) was available through the App. I was also delighted to have direct access to copyright free 360° images (LIBRARY)  in a photo library gallery.  Uploading the media from the gallery to my media content was seamless with a one tap upload function.  Adding the tags was similar to the web browser desktop version that I have used with numerous devices. Taking a 360° image and enhancing it with video, audio, images, embedded codes, or links to other 360° VR Thinglinks content has the ability to not only offer students interactive VR lessons but it brings the outside world into the classroom.  

As a librarian and master collaborator, my favorite tags include links to Google Drive.  It allows collaboration not only with a single teacher but across the curriculum.  This application is not only a useful teaching tool but it may be used for dynamic student created projects.  This is definitely a go-to tool for all students and teachers interesting in creating interactive content. For more information see ThingLink Support page.

The following screen shots are actual images from the Teleport 360° Editor App

Take a trip to Sydney, Australia with tags in this 360° VR image

Take a trip to Dublin, Ireland with tags in this 360° image

Take a trip to Washington D.C., USA with tags in this 360° image

Friday, March 24, 2017

VR Book Club

I always have my eyes and ears open and when I heard that our 8th graders were about to begin a Holocaust book club I sprang into action. I asked my ELA teachers for the titles and began curating a presentation for them to use and post on their teacher websites. It was an easy but effective collaboration that can be tweaked for future book clubs. I found the 360 image in flickr and used the virtual reality option in ThingLink.  My next project will be to design a virtual Breakout using the same tool.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Let's Move it @ Pike

Collaboration and relationships may be the key to success in your library. The results of this collaborative project between the library, the district nurse, and our PTSA has been overwhelmingly positive. As we begin, the enthusiasm for this competition many staff members can be seen walking before and after school. Weekly miles will be logged into a Google form and faculty recognition will be posted outside each classroom.

With recent news about library friends loosing positions, it is imperative that we continue to be master collaborators on our campuses.  Take the initiative and be the model for others to follow.


Friday, March 3, 2017

Literary March Madness

It's that time of year when our students and staff vote for their favorite book during our Literary March Madness campaign.  This year I curated the information on a weebly.

Here are our top books for our competition.

We added a new component to our program and allowed our students and staff to added their predictions to the Prediction Wall.  Click here to view our Prediction Wall.

The excitement that Literary March Madness brings to our school with literary conversations is well worth the time.  
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