Friday, March 31, 2017

Teleport 360 Editor - New ThingLink App

Teleport 360 Editor - New ThingLink App

As a ThingLink Certified Educator the announcement of the newly released Teleport 360° Editor for iPads, and soon to be released for Android tablets, was exciting news.  After downloading the App on my iPad I found the start to finish process easy for all students and teachers interested in creating interactive content.

I logged into the App through my Premium ThingLink account and found my existing 360° images (MY MEDIA) was available through the App. I was also delighted to have direct access to copyright free 360° images (LIBRARY)  in a photo library gallery.  Uploading the media from the gallery to my media content was seamless with a one tap upload function.  Adding the tags was similar to the web browser desktop version that I have used with numerous devices. Taking a 360° image and enhancing it with video, audio, images, embedded codes, or links to other 360° VR Thinglinks content has the ability to not only offer students interactive VR lessons but it brings the outside world into the classroom.  

As a librarian and master collaborator, my favorite tags include links to Google Drive.  It allows collaboration not only with a single teacher but across the curriculum.  This application is not only a useful teaching tool but it may be used for dynamic student created projects.  This is definitely a go-to tool for all students and teachers interesting in creating interactive content. For more information see ThingLink Support page.

The following screen shots are actual images from the Teleport 360° Editor App

Take a trip to Sydney, Australia with tags in this 360° VR image

Take a trip to Dublin, Ireland with tags in this 360° image

Take a trip to Washington D.C., USA with tags in this 360° image

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