Friday, April 28, 2017

Breakout With Follett Lightbox

After discovering the uniqueness of a virtual Breakout, I've smashed our next Breakout with Bones : All About the Skeletal System, a Destiny Discover Lightbox.  Using Thinglink has made the tagging of the Planning document, Hint sheet, and the Breakout very easy.  Taking a science lesson and merging it into a Breakout has been fun to watch the students master. It has also added to another strategy for using our eContent.

The interactive unlimited access Lightbox was the perfect tool to use with our latest Breakout. With vacation upon us I want our students to access our digital content over the long summer. Not only did this activity reinforced items in our digital collection but it added a science lesson into the process.  Add this to your ideas for promoting access to your digital content.

This is the second virtual Breakout that we have introduced to our students.  When given the choice of activities today the students overwhelming choose the Breakout. We will have to start a bank of Breakouts to pull from as classes visit the library.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Used for this Breakout:
ThingLink Premium Teacher Account
Google document
Google forms
Follett Lightbox
Student Chromebooks

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